Artist Statement

Motherhood is a significant part of my life. My everyday encounters with my children lead to curiosity, discovery, experimentation, and reflections, which carry over into my art making process. There is not much difference in how I approach the two. My artistic processes are hand papermaking, printmaking and darkroom photography, all of which are the soul of my artwork. Like children, they demand a substantial amount of time, effort and attention and can be both laborious and gratifying. Motherhood has changed the way I think about mediums, materials, and processes. Thus, I build an intimate relationship with the work at every stage of the process. 

Thematically, I use my work to raise consciousness and arouse appreciation for nature. In drawing attention to nature my work evokes awareness toward the environment and also for fellow humans. Love, empathy, compassion, and care are themes that I emphasize in my work. Nature and its preservation are important issues, that I take very seriously in my work as well as in my lifestyle.

In my quest for sustainable art making, I am always experimenting with ways of replacing commercially produced materials with natural ones to further enhance my concepts. My process often results in blending photography with printmaking and papermaking. I use my handmade paper to print etchings and photographs which further strengthens my interest in renewability.